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Trackout Control Mats by Rubberform®

There are a few helpful pieces of information that can help clear some things up. The name of our stabilized construction entrance company is Trackout Control Mats and the name of our product is the trackout control mat. The business Trackout Control Mats is owned by a parent company known as Rubberform Recycled Products.

Trackout Control Mats is focused on sustainable business practices, helping small businesses achieve LEED Certification, and supplying a product that is affordable and highly effective at reducing trackout. We achieve this by using only 100% recycled composite material for all of our products and an elegant-yet-simple design for our trackout control solutions. For those of you unfamiliar, trackout is dirt, mud, gravel, or other debris that is brought out of the construction site and deposited onto the road and into the air by construction vehicles leaving the site. There are a number of laws and regulations in place nationwide that aim to control the amount of trackout that leaves a worksite. Our stabilized construction entrances and exits at Trackout Control Mats help your worksite stay within those regulations by greatly reducing the trackout from your worksite.

Why We’re the Best Trackout Control Option

There are a few different trackout control methods employed in the industry. Wash pits, gravel pits, and paved exits are all examples of trackout control methods. However, they all seem to fall short one way or another. Wash pits are very effective at removing trackout, but they are incredibly expensive to maintain and install. Gravel pits are also tedious and expensive to maintain, but they aren’t very effective at removing trackout. And paved exits are very expensive and have little to know effectiveness at removing trackout. Not to mention all of these solutions are one-site trackout control methods.

Trackout control mats are very affordable — especially compared to the cost of other common trackout control methods. They are also simple to install, require little to no maintenance, can be used time and time again between sites. Plus, they actually work. You can even add a trackout control mat to your existing trackout solution to improve the effectiveness and rest easy knowing your site is compliant and reducing trackout.

There are a few other mats out there that try to imitate our stabilized construction entrance designs at Trackout Control Mats. However, they too often fall short. They are not made from the same ultra-durable and sustainably created materials and often wind up breaking quickly. Others claim they are just as effective as our trackout control mats, but few are as high-quality and reliable as our trackout control solutions! To learn more, check out our Trackout Control Products page here.

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