Dealing with trackout can be irritating for both people working the construction site and the people driving on the public roads trackout affects. Construction sites have to constantly make sure they aren’t tracking dirt and debris to public roadways — which is no easy feat when you are driving through dirt and debris all day. And pedestrians are just trying to drive wherever they are going without kicking up dust or launching big rocks behind them at an unsuspecting car. So, what can you do? In today’s blog here at Trackout Control Mats, we provide some great tips and advice for more easily controlling trackout and keeping dust and debris off roadways. 


Spoiler alert: for the easiest, most cost-effective trackout control solution, order our sediment control mats here at Trackout Control Mats!


Trackout Control Devices

First and foremost, the most effective way to reduce your worksite trackout is through trackout control devices. There are a number of different trackout control methods out there, all with varying costs and viability. The most common trackout control methods are: 


  • Trackout Control Mats (we recommend this one)
  • Wash Pits
  • Gravel Pads
  • Paving
  • Rumble Grates


For more information about exactly how each method works, check out our other blog covering the different trackout control solutions. The way that our trackout control mats work is simple. Our recycled rubber mats provide a surface for your equipment and vehicles to drive over at low speeds. When the trackout control mats are driven over, they vibrate your vehicle in such a way that it rattles free dirt, rocks, and other construction site debris. Our mats at Trackout Control Mats are quick and easy to set up, amongst the most affordable solutions, and can be used time and time again, unlike most trackout control methods. Our stabilized construction entrance solutions are available in a variety of precut or custom sizes. Reach out to us today to check out our sizes and order your trackout control mats.

Aggressive Street Cleaning

While trackout control devices are the most practical way to control the lion’s share of dirt and debris from reaching roadways, there are some other best practices you can employ to combat trackout. Aggressively street sweeping after each workday is another great way to make sure you are doing your part to protect the environment from particulate matter and keeping the roadways clear. Street sweepers are an excellent method for thoroughly cleaning public roads. However, a push broom and some elbow grease can also do the trick. 

Avoid Soil 

One obvious solution for trackout control is to do your best to avoid driving your equipment or vehicle through loose soil or debris. On some job sites, this may not be possible. But, if you avoid driving through common causes of trackout, it can save you time and effort later on down the road. 

Slow Speeds

In order to get the most out of any trackout control system, it’s best to use slower speeds. If you fly over or through the trackout control device, it’s likely that it won’t be nearly as effective at removing sediment from your vehicle. Even if you are in a hurry, make sure to take your time at the stabilized construction entrance and exit to do your part in avoiding fines and a negative environmental impact. 


Additionally, moving quickly through a construction site doesn’t only make for worse performing trackout control — it’s also dangerous. You risk hitting someone or something if you don’t take your time. It’s never worth the potential damage you may cause, so always take your time when moving through the construction site. As an added bonus, this kicks up less dust into the air and helps improve air quality by reducing particulate matter. 


Trackout Control Mats

Of all the tips mentioned in today’s post, without a doubt, the most effective trackout control solution is to utilize trackout control devices. The other tips can definitely help reduce trackout and save you time and effort later on, but the best method is to utilize trackout control devices. For the best trackout control device option, choose our mats at Trackout Control Mats. They are sustainably produced from 100% recycled rubber, are incredibly affordable, and do a great job of removing sediment from equipment and vehicles. And, no matter what size you need, we’ve got you covered. Contact us at Trackout Control Mats to start your order, do your part to meet trackout regulation, and protect the environment from harmful sediment.