Our stabilized construction entrances and exits at RubberForm are some of the most efficient trackout control methods in the industry — but how do they work? In today’s blog, we talk a little bit about how our trackout control mats work, what they’re made of, when they are used, and more! If you are unfamiliar with our trackout control mats, check out our blog here or learn more on our product page.


Your trackout control mat will more than likely be delivered to you on a pallet. Once your track mat has arrived, installation is unbelievably easy. Simply lift the trackout control mat off of the pallet, place them at your entrances and exits, and that’s all there is to it. It is literally as easy as putting the trackout control mat where you need it and walking away. No need to dig a specific-sized hole like with a gravel pit or install complicated expensive water treatment systems like with a wash pit. Let your representative know what size of trackout control mat you need for your stabilized construction entrance. If you don’t know, ask us. Then, every vehicle or machinery that exits the construction site will leave trackout where it belongs — on the construction site.


You may be curious about what the trackout control mat is made out of. As a matter of fact, our team at RubberForm is all about sustainability, so all of our products are made from 100% recycled composite material. Much of the recycled material is rubber with a few other key materials for the ultimate in strength and sustainable manufacturing. Interested in learning more about our trackout control mats? Contact our friendly team today.

Use Cases

Trackout control mats are useful across a wide variety of industries and locations throughout the U.S. Site developers, excavators, construction companies, metro development contractors, and many more use our stabilized construction entrances every day. Anywhere there is potential for trackout to make it onto public paved roadways, you’ll find a trackout control mat. This is due to the fact that there are rules and regulations surrounding trackout, therefore it is crucial that companies minimize the trackout coming out of their worksite or face consequences. Don’t be unprepared. Discuss your states’ mandates with our team today.

The Method

The way our trackout control mats work is simple yet highly effective. Construction vehicles and equipment of all sizes and weights must drive over these stabilized construction entrances and exits as they come and go to the worksite. When the vehicle drives over the mat, the vehicle is vibrated and safely rocked back and forth in such a way that it removes trackout, gravel, dirt, mud, and other debris from the vehicle before it can get to the main roadway. By simply driving over a trackout control mat, you can significantly reduce the amount of trackout that your vehicle deposits onto public roadways with minimal effort.

The Capabilities

Trackout control mats are composed of a series of ultra-strong blocks on a grid. Because of their design and composition, they are extraordinarily strong. This means that no matter how big your construction equipment is, our trackout control mats can handle it. Any class vehicle (Class 1 thru Class 9) with pneumatic tires is welcome to drive over RubberForm’s Trackout Control Mats again and again, until the job is done…then it’s off to the next job. If a block gets damaged, we will replace it. That’s our promise.

Trackout Control Mats

Trackout control mats are the single most affordable, sustainably produced, effective, and high-quality trackout control method in the industry. We can work with you to find a trackout solution that meets your budget, your trackout needs, and the size demands of your worksite. The best part? Trackout control mats aren’t a one-time solution. You can use them again and again for years to come. Contact us at Trackout Control Mats today to learn more and get your custom quote!