When there is a logistical problem that needs to be solved in the world, there are many different solutions that arise. There is more than one solution to any given problem and each comes with its own set of pros and cons. In today’s blog at Trackout Control Mats, we talk about the different approaches to trackout control that have historically been used and how they compare to our modern, sustainably created Trackout Control Mats. If you are interested in learning more about our trackout solutions here at Trackout Control Mats, keep reading below or learn more here.

What is Trackout and Why is it a Problem?

Trackout is composed of dirt, mud, stone, and other debris that can come from a construction site. On its own, it is inherently not a problem. However, trackout gets attached to construction equipment and vehicles. While the vehicles are on the construction site, this isn’t an issue. When the vehicles leave the site is where the problems start to develop. When trackout is brought from the construction site onto paved, public roadways, it creates hazardous conditions for drivers. Trackout does this by creating debris on the paved road that can be picked up and flung into other cars by tires, making it more difficult to see painted lines, and creating distracting obstacles for drivers.

Additionally, having trackout leave the construction site is detrimental to the environment. Trackout on roadways is lifted into the air and atmosphere by car tires; this process contributes toward creating more particulate matter or PM. Particulate matter is a regulated form of air pollution that is most commonly created by a lack of trackout control on construction sites. This form of air pollution is easily prevented with the proper use of trackout control methods. Even if trackout is not reintroduced into the air by vehicle tires, it can be washed away by rains and make its way into the drainage systems polluting our water.

Gravel Pads vs. Trackout Control Mats

Gravel pads are historically amongst the most common forms of trackout control used on construction sites. Gravel pads are a form of stabilized construction entrance that uses long, wide pits full of gravel and crushed rock. The concept is fairly simple: you drive your construction vehicle over the gravel and the loose pieces of rock dislodge any trackout from your vehicle.

While these do work well at first, they are significantly more time consuming and expensive to install than trackout control mats. Gravel pits also lose their effectiveness over time, require extensive maintenance, and are a permanent installation. Trackout control mats consistently perform at a high level, require very little maintenance, and can be moved from worksite to worksite with ease. Not to mention they are significantly more affordable than gravel pits — especially if you frequently change construction sites.

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Wash Pits vs. Trackout Control Mats

Wash pits are trackout control solutions that use pressurized water (think automatic car wash) to blast trackout off of your construction vehicle. Wash pits are simple and very effective trackout control solutions, however, they require a significant investment. They have very extensive maintenance costs and protocols, they require their own drainage, and they require their own special water treatment. All of these things come at a high cost — and those are just the maintenance requirements. You must also factor in the costs of the initial installation of the wash pit and all the structures that come with it.

While wash pits are highly effective trackout control solutions, they come at a high cost. They are worthwhile if you are going to be at a very large construction site indefinitely and you need high-quality trackout control. In cases such as these, we recommend pairing a trackout control mat with a wash pit for maximum effectiveness. These two solutions complement each other well and combined are arguably the best solution for trackout.

When you pit them against one another, our mats at Trackout Control Mats have an edge in cost-effectiveness, installation time, maintenance, and the ability to be reused on another site. Wash pits provide incredible trackout control but come with an incredible price tag.

Paving vs. Trackout Control Mats

Paving is a trackout control method that is not seen as often these days but does still exist. Paving is when a long, temporary paved road is placed in between the construction site and the public roads. The idea is that all of the loose trackout will fall off the construction vehicle on the paved road before it enters the public roadway.

Compared to trackout control mats, paving is ineffective in regard to cost, maintenance, and effectiveness. It not only costs a decent amount to pave a trackout path, but they also are often removed at the end of each job. This is a waste of time, resources, and money. You also have to clean off this paved road at the end of each workday from the trackout that did manage to fall off. Paving for trackout control is a very ineffective, wasteful, and single-site solution. Trackout Control Mat’s solutions are effective at removing trackout, reusable, are sustainably created with recycled materials, and require very little maintenance.

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Shake Racks vs. Trackout Control Mats

Shake racks go by many names and have a similar method to trackout control mats. Shake racks are also referred to as grids, rumble strips, rumble racks, and rumble plates. They are similar in appearance to cattle guards and have a grate-like structure that is supposed to shake off trackout and other debris. They are sometimes paired with gravel pits.

Shake racks are becoming increasingly hard to come by and have complex installation requirements. With trackout control mats, they are readily available whenever you need them, reusable, and installation couldn’t be easier. For installation of our trackout control mats, simply unfold the mat and lay it where you need it — easy at that.

Trust Trackout Control Mats by Rubberform®

It’s clear to see that our mats at Trackout Control Mats are one of the best, most practical trackout control solutions in the industry. Our products are highly effective at removing trackout and keeping it off public roadways, require little set-up, require little maintenance, sustainably created, are affordable, and are reusable again and again! Do your part to manage your site’s trackout and protect the environment without spending a fortune. Get your quote from our team at Trackout Control Mats today!