As humans learn more and more about how the consequences of some actions are impacting the environment, it is becoming more important than ever to become environmentally conscious. Taking good care of the environment isn’t only a good thing for you and the people around you, but it also ensures a healthy, more livable earth for our future generations! But what can you do on an individual level to help protect the environment from pollution, waste, and other damaging factors? In today’s blog here at Trackout Control Mats, we go into a few things that you yourself can try to reduce your environmental footprint and live more green.

Looking for a sustainably produced stabilized construction exit for your construction site? Check out our stabilized construction exits at Trackout Control Mats. All of our products are made with 100% recycled composite materials.

Reusable Bags

One habit that is fairly easy to change is using reusable bags rather than plastic ones. Reusable bags can replace plastic containers in most — if not all — aspects of your life. Many people choose to bring their own reusable bags to the grocery store rather than use the provided plastic bags. This not only keeps plastic waste out of landfills, but it can also save you money in some areas where you are charged for plastic grocery bags! Reusable bags are a one-time purchase and can be used to transport your groceries from the store, to your car, then to your home time and time again.

You can also find reusable snack bags for snacks and other small pieces of your lunch. This can also keep waste out of landfills and you don’t have to sacrifice any convenience! Rather than throwing away the plastic when you are done, you simply bring them home and rinse them out instead — easy as that!

Speaking of reusable solutions, our trackout control mats are a stabilized construction entrance method that can be reused again and again. No more digging and maintaining a new gravel pit every time you change worksites. Just pack up your stabilized construction exit and bring it with you to the next job! Get your quote for the reusable trackout control mats today.

Utilize Efficient Transportation

Another great way that you can work towards being more eco-friendly is by utilizing all the forms of transportation available to you. Obviously, if you work on a construction site and need to haul all of your tools in a truck bed, you may not have many great options. But even if you do need a large truck to haul your tools, you can still make a difference through carpooling. Have a coworker that you enjoy the company of who lives nearby? Share a ride to work and instantly cut the cost and usage of gasoline in half for the both of you.

If you don’t need a large truck to haul around your work supplies, you can try taking the bus once a week, riding your bicycle, or if you are lucky enough to live close enough to work, you can enjoy a nice walk to work. There are tons of ways to get around, pick your favorite transportation method and take it to work whenever you can to save a quick buck on gasoline and become more environmentally responsible.

Be Electricity Conscious

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to conserve energy and be more green is to be conscious of your energy usage. This means turning off lights once you leave the room, turning off TVs, turning off computers, minding your AC and heating usage, and more. If you have a lot of electronics (like many people do), try plugging in everything to a surge-protected power strip. Then, once you are done using your electronics for the time being, you can simply flip off the power strip. This saves energy because many electronics continue to use energy even if they are not in use. Electronics often go into a sleep mode where they are still on in the background even if they are not in use. All it takes is a little knowledge and willpower to make a world of difference in your home’s energy consumption — and your utility bills!


There has been a pretty major push for recycling over the last decade. In that time, more and more resources and recycling centers have opened up to meet the demand. Recycling is inherently beneficial for the environment because it takes a material that would otherwise spend years rotting away and polluting a landfill and repurposing it. The benefits of recycling are two-fold: you have the opportunity to keep waste out of our landfills and you are protecting valuable resources from being used to create the thing that the recycled material is now being used for.

Another way you can help protect the environment is by using trackout control mats as stabilized construction entrances and exits for your job site. All of our products are created using 100% recycled materials, so you can rest easy knowing that you made a sustainable, green choice. Shop stabilized construction exists at Trackout Control Mats here.

Practice Gas-Efficient Driving

If you have to drive for your daily commute, there are a couple of practices that you can employ in order to save a little money, gasoline, and emission. When driving through the city, it can sometimes be difficult not to accelerate quickly after a stop — especially if you have a fast car. But making a habit of gentle acceleration is a great way to improve your overall fuel efficiency. So instead of gunning it after the light turns green, gently ease your way up to the speed limit. Who knows, maybe you’ll come to enjoy this driving style even more and save a little money doing it. Another big factor in saving fuel is by maintaining your speed while you are driving on an even plane. Speeding up and slowing down whilst driving makes for inefficient fuel usage.

Trackout Control Mats by Rubberform®

At Trackout Control Mats, we take sustainability very seriously. That’s why we produce environmentally friendly recycled products like our stabilized construction entrances and exits. We use strategically placed distribution centers around the United States to help reduce fuel consumption while shipping your stabilized construction entrance to your worksite. Every step of the way, our team at Trackout Control Mats does our very best to be as sustainable and environmentally conscientious as possible. To learn more about our trackout control mats or to get your custom quote, don’t hesitate to reach out to us anytime!