Out stabilized construction entrances at Trackout Control Mats offer major benefits for any construction site. Trackout control mats are a trackout control solution that helps to keep dirt, debris, mud, gravel, and other harmful substances from entering roadways. When this debris (AKA trackout) enters roadways, it creates hazards for drivers, pollutes our air, and can potentially pollute water in the surrounding areas. In today’s blog at Trackout Control Mats, we talk about six great benefits of choosing trackout control mats for your stabilized construction entrances.

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Sustainably Created

One benefit of buying trackout control mats that we are very proud of is the fact that all of our products are created from 100% recycled composite material. This means that we are not only removing waste that would otherwise go into a landfill, but we are also repurposing it to have a new and useful life. When you purchase a stabilized construction exit from Trackout Control Mats, you can be certain that every step of the process from manufacturing to the production was done responsibly and sustainably.

Low Cost

In a previous blog post, we discussed how our trackout control mats compare to other stabilized construction entrances in the industry. In essence, compared to other trackout control solutions on the market, our trackout control mats are second to none when it comes to value. We offer the most simple, effective, and reusable solution at the most competitive price. Not to mention the fact that our stabilized construction entrances require very little to no maintenance over time — especially compared to other trackout control solutions. Other stabilized construction entrances require extensive cleaning, infrastructure, are one-time use, or other costly maintenances. Our mats at Trackout Control Mats can be reused again and again and since there isn’t much maintenance, they offer significantly more value both upfront and over time.


Trackout control mats are built to last, so you know that when you decide to make the investment, they are going to last. Other company’s stabilized construction entrances are not produced with the same high-quality recycled materials and are prone to breakage. Additionally, many of our competitor’s products can not be repaired if they are damaged. This means that the entire product must be replaced if even one minor aspect is damaged. With trackout control mats, we believe that our mats are unbreakable. But, if a block does somehow break, we will replace it — simple as that!

Easy to Use

Another great benefit of trackout control mats is that they are very simple to use. They are lifted off the pallet, placed where you need them, and that’s it. No water treatment like with wash pits or digging out specific dimensions of holes for a gravel pit. Just place and go. They are easily set up in a manner of minutes!


Since our stabilized construction entrance solution is so easy to set up and pack away, they are able to be reused and taken with you to each job. Our track mats incredible durability paired with their ease of use make them a fantastic long-term solution and investment for your company. No more digging a gravel pit for each job site, installing a wash pit, or spending countless time and resources setting up some other form of trackout control method.

They Work!

Perhaps the biggest benefit of our stabilized construction entrance solution is the fact that it really works. Unlike many other solutions in the construction industry, trackout control mats help you remove trackout from your equipment and vehicles before they hit the public roadways. They help you stay within environmental regulation and help to keep everyone driving on the public roads safe. When you need a trackout control method that works, is reusable, easy to use, durable, cost-effective, and created with sustainability in mind, then there is no better option than our stabilized construction entrances at Trackout Control Mats. As an added bonus, they are available in multiple sizes to fit the needs of any worksite. Need a custom trackout control mat for your worksite? Don’t sweat it. We can accommodate practically any need. All you have to do is contact us today for your quote and start seeing the benefits of trackout control mats for yourself!